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Natural Horsemanship & Equine Retreat

At the Holistic Horse Paddock Paradise farm we believe in conscious living as close to nature and natural systems as possible.
We offer a natural boarding option for horse owners. Our livery yard is based on the work of Jaime Jackson's research on wild horses, Paddock Paradise is a revolutionary model for safe, natural horsekeeping, hoof care, and the healing and rehabilitation of lame horses.
In the track system we are stimulating horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts. By simulating a lifestyle for our beloved domestic horses based on the research of the diets, behaviors and movements of wild horses, we can facilitate a space where horses thrive and thereby have happier and healthier horses.
  • It is a solution for horses prone to Laminitis and Navicular Syndrome , can prevent and cure these conditions.
  • It is also a great option for raising youngster. As they will be developing a natural topline from a young age as the track system basically acts as a natural walker.
  • Its a wonderful option for retired horses as they will still get plenty of exercise and stimulation. Their diet will also be more suitable for their special needs.
  •  A track system is basically a natural walker, the horses naturally walk themselves in a well designed system as well as trickle/slow feed which is better for their digestive tracts      
  • Reduces risk of tendon injury      
  • Naturally builds top line and encourages overall muscle development of horses in all age groups. (saves time in training)
  • Healthier hooves due to exposure to chosen surfaces
  • Helps to condition and improve ligament and bone strength.
  • Encourages movement and thereby increases circulation, reduces inflammation in the legs and increases overall well being
  • The whole herd gets exercised simultaneously in a natural and passive way. 
  • Allows natural herd dynamics which result in horses who are more relaxed, who are less stressed and less susceptible to injury or disease
  •  A track system improves pasture management as grazing can be optimally used
  •  Better adjusted horses who are naturally fit, healthy, and typically more friendly  
  • Can reduce certain injury recovery time.
  •  Reduces stiffness in equine athletes just off the track & also enhances relaxation and attitude in the horse which helps accelerate the process of letting down and retraining in OTTBs.

We offer boarding for horses, long and short term.

We offer Natural Riding lessons

We train horses

We also offer retreat tourism packages and meaningful holiday packages.

When participating in our packages horses will be your companion guides. You will learn from them many things.
What's extra special about our horses is that they live in a species specific track system based on the Paddock Paradise design. In this system we simulate an environment as close as possible to the natural environment and lifestyle that many wild horses live in. This holistic system allows horses to truly be horses as they evolved to be. This allows their feedback to us and interactions with us to be unspoiled and divinely natural. This allows us to reconnect to what is truly natural, wild and real within us. 
The packages includes the building blocks for healthy relationship practice.
We start with liberty training, move through in-hand ground work and then into the saddle.
Our trail rides are fantastic, we will ride for hours through various landscapes.

Our horses are happy healthy horses who all go bit-less and barefoot.
We practice and teach the six Cs of Nonviolent Horsemanship.

1 Compassion
2 Connection
3 Confidence
4 Composure
5 Communication
6 Consent

We offer Gap Year and Career Break programs all year round.
You get to participate in and get training in some of the following, depending how long you stay with us and what your main interests are. We tailor it for each person individually. 
Barefoot trimming theory,
riding and management 

Liberty training, theory and practical
Inhand training
Round pen training 

Biomechanics training 
Equine profiling 
Endurance theory 
Trail riding 
Cross training methods 
Schooling, using biomechanics and music
Holistic horse health 
Synchronized riding to music
Surfing Beach days Conscious Dance events
If your heart is calling to you, asking you to connect with horses in a more natural way then join us for a soulful African adventure.

Contact us via email at holistichorsewomen@gmail.com or what's app on 0798835386 as reception is really poor on the farm but there is WiFi at the house. 

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